An innovative lightweight wire has been idealized, prototyped and tested. It consists of a stainless steel wire reinforced internally with high-strength carbon fibers. The technology combines the low weight and high mechanical performance of fibers with the corrosion, abrasion and ductility resistance of steel.
The final workshop will present the main results of the project: design, manufacturing, performance, and application areas.


The event will be held at Opificio Innova conference room inside the “Sa Manifattura“.
The location was formerly home to a tobacco factory and has a very old history: it was founded in the 18th century and achieved its full productivity in the late 19th century. It was closed in 2001 and now it hosts scientific, entrepreneurial, cultural and artistic initiatives.

Opificio Innova, Viale Regina Margherita 33 – Cagliari, Italy


A large  number of hotels and B&Bs are located close to the event location. Below is a short list of suggestions.

Hotel Palazzo Tirso *****, 6-minute walk

Palazzo Doglio *****, 10-minute walk

Hotel Flora ****, 10-minute walk

Oidu Cagliari Suites, 2-minute walk

B&B Due Passi, 7-minute walk

Manno Rooms, 7-minute walk

Draft agenda

Final event schedule, venue information and accommodation directions will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


Thursday 16 May

Main topics: wire/rope manufacturing and testing

14:30     Welcome, introduction and aim of the project – Astarte

15:00     Wire design and selection of materials – Teufelberger Redaelli

15:30     Set-up of an innovative process for hybrid wires manufacturing – Cunova

16:00     Wire performances under mechanical and corrosion testing – DII of University of Padua

16:30     coffee break

16:50     Conventional-vs-hybrid rope performance, IFT of University of Stuttgart

17:20     Advanced modeling for assisting design, manufacturing and testing – Astarte

17:50    Wire drawing: influence of the process parameters on the final product. An experimental approach – Joakim Larsson, Örebro University

18:20     end of day 1


Friday 17 May

Main topics: applications and future perspectives

09:30     A case study about civil applications: hybrid ropes for cable-stayed bridges – University of Roma3

10:00     Bridging the future: integrating wire hybrid cables in Eurocode infrastructure design – Prof. R.Nascimbene IUSS

10:30     FIRST-WIRE for wind farms: hybrid ropes as mooring lines of floating platforms – NTUA

11:00     coffee break

11:20     Improving deep off-shore operations: hybrid wires for control cables and umbilicals – IHC Mining

11:50     TBD

12:20     TBD – Prof. W.Salvatore, University of Pisa

12:50     lunch

14:20     Guidelines for design and utilization. Recommendation for standards amendments – University of Roma3

14:50     Innovation in rope in-service monitoring – Teufelberger Redaelli

15:20    AI Innovations in industry through real-world case studies

15:50     AI-based tools for product/process optimization: the case study of steel drawing – Astarte

16:20     Future perspectives, pending issues and further steps – Astarte

16:50     End of the meeting